“a place you go to eat”

hello people.

you might notice that this website is devoid of sleek graphics.  that’s because what we specialize in is hospitality and cookery – not web design.  in the future we’ll spend the bazillion dollars it takes to achieve impactful web presence, but for now, you should come witness the brick and mortar restaurant we built in the tactile world. there you can eat, drink and socialize. much more fun than the internet.


peoples eatery is owned by david stewart, adrian ravinsky, matt see and dustin gallagher.  the former three are front-of-house guys, and dustin is the executive chef for this place and our other: 416 snack bar (located at queen and bathurst, a mere twelve minute walk from peoples). we built peoples eatery with our eight hands in the winter of 2014 (with the help of brothers and friends) and opened on may 6th of that year.  we put our hearts into every little detail, and truly care about building the city that we love, one dining establishment at a time.  so come check us out already! the food is really good, we promise. there are two separate menus – one casual, and one structured.   the menus and visuals sections of this humble website will give you an idea of what we’re talkin about.


with love,

these guys!